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About Cannabis Connection World

Cannabis Connection World helps families battling chronic illnesses get access to alternative forms of holistic healing so that they can achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle without the stress or fear of fraudulent information or legal ramifications.



The Cannabis Connection World podcast + the website ( are designed to distribute cannabis education and empower its audience with the information they need to be effective. The podcast is devoted to reporting the most accurate and current information regarding Cannabis and its Industry.

Founder of Cannabis Connection World Nicole Buffong’s personal journey to Cannabis Advocacy started with a health diagnosis last March. After being diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and HIV, she realized that part of her life mission is to lead others to the truth about Cannabis. Coming to terms with the fact that Cannabis saved her life and saves countless lives all over the world, she knew she had to take a stand.

After announcing the launch of Cannabis Connection World, Nicole was asked to be GA Chapter president for Minorities for Medical Marijuana, a national non-profit advocacy and education organization with 17 chapters throughout the nation. Now Nicole’s expanding network helps to transition caregivers with sick family members from "stressed and overwhelmed" to an empowered and healthy lifestyle in 40 days.

Nicole has chosen to live in her truth and she uses her voice to erase the shame and stigma associated with having HIV and being a Cannabis user. Education is her weapon of choice and the foundation for all that she does. As a Cannabis patient, Nicole is also passionate about the science, of Cannabis, through her own research has determined that a plant based lifestyle and full spectrum Cannabis treatment is what is best to fight the virus. Nicole is known to say: “Facts will be the weapons that put an end to the prohibition of Cannabis.”

Cannabis Connection World was born to be a fighting force for Cannabis and for minorities in this space. This shift in culture is happening now, all across the country, because the truth could not be hidden away for too long. The Cannabis industry presents a unique opportunity for investors. The so called “green rush” is happening state by state, giving investors a unique opportunity to become producers and not just the consumers. The last 80 years have been spent demonizing Cannabis. Nicole will spend the rest of her life working to reverse the damage these lies have done.

Cannabis Connection World’s objective is to be an active cannabis advocate and responsible source of cannabis journalism. We aim to bring awareness that cannabis is truly the plant that connects the planet, the same today as it has been for thousands of years.

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